Manage clients better

All the details in one place

Every essential detail about your client is captured and integrated into the home care management software, so you can make informed, faster choices about caregiver selection, experience faster payments and provide better care.
The home care management software will capture and display details like:
Schedule, Outstanding Amount, Upcoming Tasks, Admission Date, Care Plan and more.

Client Assessments

Comprehensive: Helps provide ideal caregiver support

The client assessment includes attributes required for the caregiver as well as the client’s current condition and care needs. Daily tasks, medications, and mobility concerns are also part of the full assessment. All this information, available to the caregiver on a mobile device, means you are providing the best care all the time. Result: delighted clients, enhanced reputation, and increased business.


Flexibility and convenience in arranging payments from Payers

A single client can have many payers: multiple insurance companies as well as multiple family members. The Payer screen allows you to divide payments between all payers, in the order you choose, and assigning the amount each will pay.

Tasks and Communication

Following up on a missed payment, performing client satisfaction checks, and state-mandated reassessments are just some of the tasks that you can track in the client profile. Each task and communication can be assigned to any agency user, and it will appear on that person’s calendar and dashboard.

Got a Question?

The CareSmartz360 home care management software lets you track potential clients who have a strong chance of signing on. Their referral source and inquiry date are saved, so you can follow up on the leads. All the details that you add in the profile will transfer over when the prospect signs on to be your client.

The compatibility tab lists all your caregivers, and you can assign compatibility, like Preferred or Not Preferred. You can also see, at a glance, which caregivers have cared for the client and how many hours they have spent together.

The Outstanding Invoices tab will display all invoices that are due.

Yes, just click on the Schedules link. You can click on a blank date in the calendar to add a new schedule. To edit a schedule, you can click on an existing schedule and revise it.

While creating/modifying a schedule, if you select ‘Show Recommended Caregivers’ checkbox, the system will show a list of caregivers who are suitable for the job based on the attribute matching, distance from the client, skills, restrictions of client etc.

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