Massachusetts Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregator:ASAP | Implementation Deadline:January 01, 2021

CareSmartz360 is integrated with the state system. Agencies can use CareSmartz360 as an EVV compliant home care software in Massachusetts to bill for Medicaid benefits.

Questions about EVV?

EVV is still to be implemented in most of the states with different guidelines and regulations. We’re keeping up with the updates related to EVV implementation and if there is something we haven’t included, please share with us. To learn how CareSmartz360 can help in ensuring compliance, please get in touch with us.

FAQs: Maryland EVV Implementation

For updates and the latest information, please visit the MassHealth EVV web page at

A train-the-trainer model of training will be provided to the agencies and their staff through the Department’s EVV vendor.

Yes, the EVV training is mandatory for State EVV Solution users and provider choice EVV users. Human errors and failure to record crucial information may result in the denial of claims.

Protecting personal information is a top priority for MassHealth, and it adheres to strict Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) standards.

Yes, the cloud-based EVV system allows the agency to fix visits that do not have all the required information like a caregiver who forgot to record the visit start or end time.

Whenever there is a change in care plan, the EVV system will send the alert with a pop up message to the caregiver.

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EVV State Guide

CareSmartz360 EVV Ready

  • Caregivers Tracking
  • Clock-in, Clock-out
  • Manage Schedules
  • Telephony
  • Ensure Compliance & Regulation
  • GPS Enabled Caregiver Mobile App
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